Secure Messaging

Fast, reliable, easy to use, scalable, and cost effective enterprise solutions that mandates all regulatory compliance in protecting and delivering sensitive data via email

inRound will assist your organization to improve network enterprise performance with the ability to identify and implement the "Best of Breed" IT Secure Messaging solutions.

inRound’s "value added" services includes extensive research with key global partners that have proven track records as the industry’s leading providers for secure messaging.

The framework of our solutions incorporates the AAA infrastructure principle (Authentication, Authorization and Audit). Solutions can be scaled to a single or multi-level site installation.

With increased security policies and procedures, inRound’s value added services works with our clients and partners in helping to protect and deliver sensitive data through major e-mail clients or servers. Our services allow clients and partners to communicate seamlessly and securely with minimal effort. This is accomplished by enhancing decision processes for the sender to deliver a secure message and eliminate the exposure associated with communicating on open networks.