How is inRound Innovations surpassing the competition and setting themselves apart from other Consultant recruitment firms?

1. inRound's specialization Human Resources solutions is based on direct industry experience

Whether providing resources for temporary contracts or candidates for a permanent position within your company, our team has the both the industry expertise and delivery experience to support your staffing requirements. With over 30 years of combined experience, they have worked as analysts right up to senior management in operations and human resource roles. Put this experience to work for you today!

2. inRound's dynamic evaluation process is industry specific

inRound's evaluation process has the ability to be innovatively tuned to assess candidates skill sets, mindset and personality, specific to the requirements of your organization. We provide a 3-D Candidate Profile that makes the hiring decision as accurate as possible, even within tight schedules.

3. inRound's innovative tools and technology

inRound has the most advanced technology available to recruit and assess the best consultants. Our inhouse designed, web based evaluation process allows us to reach more candidates in a shorter time frame than any of our competition.

Your company depends on people. People make your products and deliver services to your valuable customers. Ensuring that the “job offer” is presented to the candidate who is the “Right Fit” is paramount to your organization’s success.

As our name suggests, inRound provides solutions that are “Balanced and Innovative”. Utilizing our proprietary “inTalent Management System”, our Recruiting Specialists are able to assess each candidate’s skill set, mindset and personality to most accurately identify who is the most qualified, motivated and best fit for your workplace culture. All of this is displayed in our “Right Fit” Candidate Profile that is generated for each job applicant. Your ability to access inRound’s extensive database of “pre-screened” IT professionals makes us Ottawa’s premier staffing provider in Information Technology.

Contracting Services

Looking for a little help through a busy time or project? Whether its for three days, three months, or three years, inRound Innovations can supplement your existing team with qualified, experienced and motivated IT professionals to make sure that deadline is met !

Permanent Placement Services

Utilizing our proprietary assessment tools and comprehensive database, inRound can provide you with direct hires that are the right fit for your organization. Our “Right Fit Candidate Profile” will provide you with a 3-Dimensional overview of the applicant, ensuring that you have all of the pertinent information required to make the right hiring decision. As with all of the services inRound provides, we guarantee our permanent placements for success.

Modular Recruitment Services

Looking for a truly flexible recruitment tool that will complement your existing hiring process ? inRound has a full suite of modular assessment services to meet your every recruitment need. Whether it be our resume screening service, or access to our extensive testing capabilities, we are confident that inRound has the tools that you need.

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