inRound Innovations

inRound Innovations has been established for 20 years, specializing in Service Management, Business Consulting, IT/IM and Security Services.

We are a recognized industry leader in providing customer-centric business strategies and best practices that optimizes a company’s service operations and aligns all areas of business and IT operations, improving all the business processes necessary to serve clients better

Ensure your project is managed through initiation, planning, execution and completion by a qualified team, dedicated to achieving your goals on target


Our experts analyse, recommend and assist the implementation of reliable strategies and solutions to satisfy operational requirements and accommodate growing business needs.

Professionals providing expert advice in IT and Service Management. Dedicated to ensuring clients needs are met in business planning and problem solving.

Excelling in the management of activities through policies, as well as organized and structured processes and procedures, to ensure top notch delivery of services to customers


When disaster strikes, ensure that your business services are available for your client and operational needs.

Security planning to meet all your organizational needs. Effective in allowing you to maintain or quickly resume critical functions following a disaster.

Products and Services for:

Secure Messaging: protecting and delivering sensitive data via email

Secure Auditing: Accurate and failsafe auditing solutions

Secure Infrastructure: identify and implement "Best of Breed" IT Secure Infrastructure solutions

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